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XT 900II

- Three Phase In / Three Phase Out.
**Short Backup Model Also Available for 1KVA, 2 KVA & 3 KVA
~ Double input distribution, higher reliability of system.
~ Wide input voltage range, 50Hz/60Hz frequency.
~ Support two modes of frequency conversion.
~ Excellent input/output performance index: input power factor>0.99, input THDI=3%.
~ Output power factor 0.9, 13% more load than tradition.
~ Output isolation transformer for option,
satisfy users' output special requirement of electrical isolation.
~ High e ciency: load>10%, e ciency=90%; load>50%, e ciency=93%.
~ Digitized charger: exible charger parameter and battery con guration setting,
monitoring battery disconnected on line.
~ Wireless parallel technology, reliability parallel up to 6 unit, equalizing current<5%.
~ Share battery pack in Parallel operation, saving user's battery cost.
~ Support battery cold start and mains supply self-starting, satisfy the user's requirement.
~ 5.7 inches multifunctional LCD touch screen, friendly human & machine interface.
~ Perfect protective function in hard and software,
robust self diagnose, abundant event log for future check.
~ Perfect password control technology, including: the first power-on password control,
user password control and Maintenance password control.

XT 900

1 KVA - 10 KVA (1/1)
- Single Phase In / Single Pahse Out.


~ High frequency and dual conversion on-line technology
~ Wide input voltage range
~ Digital control technology
~ N+1 redundancy parallel function(6~10KVA)
~ Advanced PFC technology
~ True sine wave output with less than 3% THD
~ Self-diagnosis at UPS startup
~ Advanced battery management (ABM)
~ Cold start feature (DC power on)
~ Automatically charging batteries in UPS o mode
~ Lightning and surge protections (surge energy rating 1050 Joules)
~ Short circuit and overload protections
~ Fan speed automatically changes as load varies
~ Optional external battery pack
~ EMI/RFI noise filter
~ RS232
~ Shutdown & restart schedule

XT 890

- Three Phase In / Three Phase Out.
~ Online double-conversion with DSP control
~ IGBT rectifier and high input power factor ( > 0.99)
~ High efficiency 93%
~ Output power factor 0.9
~ Low input distortion: THD < 5% ~ Generator compatible ~ Output isolation transformer ~ Inverter IGBT technology with high frequency communication ~ High immunity to external disturbances ~ Independent control on the three inverter phases ~ High instantaneous overload capacity ~ High MTBF (> 200,000h)
~ Capability of supplying distorted loads, containing output
voltage distortion with crest factors
~ Intelligent self-diagnosing function, all kinds of failure protection,
large capability of history records storage
~ Standard emergency power off (EPO)
~ Standard RS232 / RS485 / dry contacts communication port


- Three Phase In / Three Phase Out.
~ Input Voltage: Type1: 380V +/-20%;
Type2: Single Phase 220V +/ -20%.
~ Voltage Regulator Accuracy: <2%, (adjustable from 1% to 4%.
~ Response Time <1.5s
~ Output Voltage: Three Phase 400V
~ Frequency : 50Hz
~ No Wave Distortion
~ No Output Voltage and Phase Shift
~ The Adjustment of Voltage is Placidity,
No Phenomenon of Instant Power O
~ Can Support Instant Overload
~ Automatic Restart
~ Fault Phase and Lack Phase Protection